Mr. Universe Van

At least we’ve got a van, so let us drive that van into your heart~

Cosplay Mutt will be bringing his incredible project to Beach City Con 2017! The van will parked in front of the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center for the duration of the con for photo opportunities.

COSPLAY MUTT BIO: Hailing from Jersey, Cosplay Mutt is a professional truck driver and mechanic by day and an avid cosplayer and costume/prop maker by night. With 9 years of cosplay experience under his belt Cosplay Mutt has gained popularity on his tumblr for his Greg Universe cosplay, as well as his detailed Five Nights at Freddy’s suits, among other costumes. His largest project to date combines his costuming and mechanical backgrounds! He’s spent the last two years transforming a worn out 1978 Dodge Tradesman from a retired work van to the iconic Mr. Universe van. Documenting his hard work on his Facebook page.