What is Beach City Con?

Beach City Con is the first ever Steven Universe Convention. It is for fans, by fans, and not-for-profit. Find out more about the founders of Beach City Con on our about page.

When and for how much can I get tickets to Beach City Con 2018?

Tickets will go on sale to the general public on December 15 at midnight EST. The base price is $75 until July 1. For more information please see our post 2018 Prices and Sale Dates.

Will you be offering any tickets at the door?

Regardless whether or not we sell out, we will not be offering any full weekend or day passes at the door.

What can I do if tickets are sold out?

The only way you can still get tickets is if a pass holder can no longer attend and transfers it to you. Please review our Transfer Policy for more information. We suggest joining our Facebook Group if you are looking to exchange tickets.

What will the schedule be?

Beach City Con 2018 will run official programming from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. Hours on Friday and Saturday will be 10 AM – 11 PM (subject to change). A full 2018 schedule will be announced closer to the convention. Feel free to browse our 2017 schedule for an idea of what our programming looks like.

Will you be using Kickstarter again?

No, we will be relying solely on ticket sales to fund the con as we move forward.

How many weekend passes will be available? Will there be day passes?

The current contract with our venue allows for about 1000 passes. We will make a decision about day passes later in 2018.

When can I book my room at the venue?

Our block is reserved for us already, so any time is fine. See our location page for more details.

How much will accommodations be?

You can find information on the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center on our location page, including room rates.

What are your policies on age?

Our venue requires all minors to have a guardian present, but these guardians do not have to attend the event  if the attendee is between 15-17 at the time of the convention. For attendees 14 and younger, we will require the guardian to also purchase a weekend pass to the convention. We plan on having 18+ events in 2018 and beyond, but the goal is to keep Beach City Con fun for all ages. All attendees 18+ must present a state-issued ID upon registration. For 15-17 year olds we will accept school ID. Children 5 and under are free with their guardian’s admission.

Do you have to cosplay?

Absolutely not! We encourage participation in cosplay to the extent of your comfort. Non-SU cosplay is also totally allowed. Please keep in mind that Beach City Con is an all-ages event and all clothing choices, cosplay or otherwise, should reflect that.

What will programming look like?

You can take a peak at our 2017 Schedule to give you an idea. Rest assured Beach City Con programming will be musical, magical, and memorable! If you are interested in applying to be a panelist for Beach City Con, please send an email to programming@beachcitycon.com and we will let you know when the applications for programming are available. Please note panelists must purchase a badge to the convention.

Will there be an artists’ alley/vendors?

Yes! Because of our intimate numbers, we aren’t differentiating between artists and vendors, and will be accepting a very limited number. Please send inquiries to vendors@beachcitycon.com and we will contact you with our rules and application form when it becomes available.

Will any members of the Crewniverse be there?

Guests have to fit comfortably within our budget before we can agree to bring them to the convention. With our first year, we were lucky enough to have a large sum up front from our Kickstarter, but going forward, we will have to rely on ticket sales to inform whether or not we can bring more guests to the con.

What is the Beach City Con spoiler policy?

Beach City Con will be a spoilers-all environment for any currently officially aired Steven Universe episodes or supplemental canon (comics, story books, etc).

Can I volunteer for Beach City Con?

Yes please! If you are 18+, please send volunteer inquiries to volunteers@beachcitycon.com

If we didn’t answer your question here, please drop us a line!