Face Painters

Would you like your face painted like your favorite Gem? Now you can at Beach City Con 2017!

Gay Breakfast will be offering two hours of face painting each on Friday and Saturday, accompanied by some of the fandom’s talented musicians. All face painting is free for our attendees!


FACE PAINTER BIO: Gay Breakfast is THE most important gay meal of your day. This is an LGBT-themed geeky podcast and art studio, and we’re your hosts AND artists! Our names are Judith and Natalie, and we’re a married pair of ladies who LOVE to talk about LGBT representation in our entertainment, and what it means to us all.

We will spend a lot of time talking about and drawing our favorite LGBT cartoon, Steven Universe, but we also cover other TV shows, movies, anime, LGBT current events, LGBT history, and the personal identity experiences of ourselves, our patrons, and our guests.