Dance Fusion Class

Have you ever wanted to dance like the Crystal Gems? Now you can learn how!

Our dance instructor will be bringing two dance fusion classes to Beach City Con 2017. One will be more kid-focused, and the other more for older folks, but both will be all-ages friendly and a dancin’ good time! No need for prior experience– just bring your dancing shoes.

INSTRUCTOR BIO: Alexandra has been performing on stage as an actress, singer, dancer, and musician since the age of three. Her dance career started with ballet, tap, and jazz, while her music career started with Suzuki piano. She continued to broaden her career in further studies of dance both in modern and ballroom, and music, specifically percussion. She graduated from Greensboro College, NC in 2005 with a dual degree of Theatre Performance and Music with emphasis in Vocal and Percussion Performance, along with a triple minor in English, French, and Dance. During her undergrad acting career she taught ballroom, competed in collegiate ballroom, and choreographed. In 2010, after working for various theatre companies and dance studios, Alexandra opened up her own ballroom dance studio in New Castle, DE with her dance partner, Bill Mitchell. Ballroom by Bill is most known for its teaching method of Dance Fusion. We combine street dancing with ballroom dancing incorporating the “Real World” of dance. We teach you how to dance on any size floor, with any partner, to any music, in any situation! But most importantly we teach you that learning to dance is fast, fun, and easy!

The Ballroom by Bill | Dance Instructor | New Castle, DE